You Are Far To Kind 

They should be shot, why couldn’t they protest peacefully, they were looting and vandalising property. 

What was a mother thinking letting her 9 year old protest? Serves her right!

Yes, kanyaga kichwa yake kabisa – Yes, step on that head. (in response to a photo of a soldier stomping a child’s head) 

Those people should be killed, they have done nothing for us. 

If you are a Luo/Luyha and you did not vote for Jubilee, get ready for war. 

Tell them to stay home and they shall not be killed.

Pray for peace, spread this message and encourage your fellow Kenyans that peace is what we want. 

– as the poor of the country are being killed.


Dear middle class Kenyans. 

At least your high walls will save you from being raped. 

Dear middle class Kenyans. 

At least you can afford security. 

Dear middle Kenyans. 

Didn’t Insurance companies take out a PEV package for businesses? 

Dear middle class Kenyans. 

Your househelps and watchmen and gardeners and drivers are getting killed and raped. But at least you preached the message of peace neh? 

You prayed for peace and forwarded what’s app messages neh? 

Then turned around and encouraged the slaughter of a human life like yours. Because your property was destroyed, because they couldn’t protest peacefully as you sat behind your comfortable high walls 

You encouraged the slaughter and rape of a human like your wife, sister and mother because their sons were throwing stones at men wielding AK47’s and driving armoured water cannon trucks, with helicopters roaring in the skies bullets raining from above. 
You encouraged the slaughter and rape of a human life like your daughters and sons because their mothers and fathers are so poor they cannot even afford the same level of education, housing, health care and security to understand that their lives do not have to depend on those in government. 
You encouraged the slaughter and rape of a human life like your own by saying avoid doing things that will get you killed, yet even walking down your street is dangerous. 
Thank you… 
Cue in Numb by Linkin Park. 

“Let us recycle the pain and trauma for centuries to come. Leave the masses to fumble in darkness. Kill them all when they are a burden.”

You can gladly add my name after that. 



  1. makagutu · August 13

    That anyone could think and utter those words is beyond believable.
    Do they have any humanity

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nurah Palesa · August 13

      I’ve asked myself the same thing. Gave up cause I’m getting migraines.


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