Full Moon Cycle 

She couldn’t explain it. 

A wave of energy that hit her like a crate of TNT and left her feeling vulnerable. Most would think she was fine, as she was just standing there; earphones in and sunglasses on to protect her from the urban cess pit of desperation. 

The shift of energy would come to fruition 14 days later. A cosmic balance that needed to be. 

A renewal and a purging at the same time. 

Closer and closer she edged towards the full moon. The lunatic in her syncying to the energy of expansion and creativeness. 
She closed her eyes for a brief second, trying to read the wave. But nothing. 
“sigh. I guess I can’t today.” she mumbled to herself. 

The person next to her moved and gave her a “what is wrong with you?” glance. 

“opps,” she thought, “I must have been loud. Meh”

Weaving and ducking through streets filled with hopelessness and a false upbeat of happiness. Each mask giving way to a skeletal look. 

“I need to go” she thought. 

A brush here and there made her flinch, energies trying to invade her carefully created shield. 

“let us in child.” they said with a snide smile. “We have news for you and lots of gifts.”

Not today. Not ever. 
When the great expansion of green and endless blue skies filled her vision, tears flowed as easily as did the river she wanted to run to. 

When El Donyo Egere heaved herself from the horizon and sat comfortable; beckoning to her, telling her “Come my child, I shall embrace you and ground you” She wailed like a baby. 
One score and three after the full moon and she’s in the red tent of expansion and creativeness. 

Full moon alert. 

She’s phased into the magic & wisdom keeper. 

“For you my dear sisters, note when your cycle is in relation to the moon. It is the only natural cycle we women should follow.” 



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