Letters To My Daughter (2)

​Dear daughter of mine. 

In the eventuality that I do have you. 

This world is seriously depressing. 
I’d like to tell you that you are an amazing woman. 

I’m sure you have the curiosity and courage that I got from your grandmother. 

That used to get me into trouble a lot. Asking questions that made people uncomfortable and would warrant a “shh don’t. You shouldn’t ask that.  It’s wrong” 
Actually, you’ll be told “You shouldn’t  have….. ” at every single turn. You have my DNA so I’m 200% sure. 
It’s because society doesn’t know how to appreciate diversity anymore. 

They think they do. But they don’t. 
When you show a spark of different they try to kill it by labelling you all sorts of things and add the words “not acceptable by society” or the word “normal standards” 
I your mother and your grandmother want you to know that you should be different. (Don’t worry..  By the time you read this I’ll have dealt with majority of the stupidity)  
Ask,  Be,  think and do what your heart tells you for you are filled with love and light from the Divine One. 
Never in your walk think that you should be what society wants you to be. Even if someone in our family ever tells you that you need to conform in order to succeed in society direct them to me 😂 😂 😂 although I’m hoping by the time you’re reading this I have given you the tools and love to deal with such people. 
My daughter, just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you fall into a particular category of do’s and don’ts.  
Remember that. 
Respect MUST be given to you. It’s not a question of respect them first then get respect.. Or that you must earn respect before its given. 

Respect means that if you say No, it’s a No, never a yes or a maybe. 

Respect means that whatever you wear boys/men should never target you or cat call you or touch you. 
I’ll have taken you to Tae Kwon Do classes just like my dad did in case you need to smack a few men. It comes in handy. 😄
And finally beautiful daughter of mine, I need to tell you just two things. 

1. Your physical body is gorgeous. When you feel like losing or adding weight do so on your own prerogative, never because someone told you. Never. 

2. Which ever faith you choose to practise I shall still love you, your father too.. (He’s married to me so he’ll have to or else 😂 😂 😂) 
Love your crazy mother. 😃😄



  1. reshonlineblog · July 20

    I so want to be your daughter 😂😂take me mother 🙌🙌


  2. niddhinav · 28 Days Ago

    😜😜😜 Make me one too


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