Letters To My Daughter (1)

​Dear daughter of mine,

(if I do have you. I’d like to not bring you into a world that will depress you. Or where I might have to hit people to defend your gorgeous soul) 
There is nothing wrong with you. Society wants you to tame your hair and I’m hoping if you have a beautiful dark shade of melanin you walk like diamonds are sparkling from each and every single pore. 
See your name?  It’s African. Thank your grandmother for that. She unashamedly gave me African names. See your hair?  Thank your grandmother for that. She went through hell defending her stand on why she wouldn’t tame my hair. 
Somewhere along the way she couldn’t keep defending and had to give in. With tears in her eyes we’d sit in the salon and tame what should never ever have been. Then she’d call my name and the tears would dry up. 
She watched me struggle to want to return to my roots. And at every corner they’d be naysayers. 

Oh no you don’t look professional 

Oh no that’s not acceptable 

Will you cut your hair

You should perm it
It wasn’t just hair, dear future daughter. You shall be asked why your mother named you so. I remember the honestly stupid questions I’d get after saying my name… 

“You don’t have a Christian name? ”

“Are you sure? ” 
How would I not be sure that my name is mine?  Or why would my name not pass for a Christian name? 

Dear future daughter of mine. 

You are a wild African woman. Your name, your hair are part of you and I have not made a mistake. You are meant to be exactly who you are. Society is going to try it’s hardest to change you to fit their brainwashed perception that they should be white. I pity them. They have killed their spirits and that is what is helping them destroy the society at large and everything around them. 
Do not listen. Do not even mull around thoughts that come with the naysayers and white want to be. 

Be you. 

An amazing wild African woman. 
Your mother. 

Who will have hit people by the time you read this so yeah… 😂 😂 😂 

I pity your dad 😂 😂 😂



  1. reshonlineblog · July 20

    All mothers should read this😊


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