Middle of The Earth 

A magical place where humans and magical beings live in harmony. Where the colours are from one end of the spectrum to the other end. Where the wind blows cool and the rain revives centuries old life. The sun and moon dance in the sky and the stars are visible every night.

Middle Earth. 

Sound amazing right. You’ve watched Lord of the Rings? Okay let’s go deeper, have you READ Lord of the Rings?!? 

There’s this “new” series-Shannara Chronicles. 

But have you READ the books?!? 

If you haven’t then you’re missing out on some major revelations. There are 3 in each series, so if you haven’t read them then you’ve got 6 seriously large books to enjoy for the rest of the year.  😃

And if you are the type who thinks that you can watch the movies and series and still get what I am going to address then my love you need help. 

I watched all Harry Potters and wished I had never. I watched all Twilight’s and wished that I could burn the DVD. (I think I may have 😶). I also watched Vampire Diaries, Princess Diaries and Gossip Girl. All are books. 

The point I’m trying to make? Your imagination is better than the (Jewish) directors and producers of Hollywood. And to be honest they LEAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT STUFF OUT (I think on purpose) 

Let’s go back to Middle Earth.

In most ancient fantasy books Middle Earth is a place of peace and calmness. Trees talk and fairies guard the forests. All sorts of “magical” beings coexist with humans and life is harmonious. 

And always, always there is an ancient evil that is freed and lurks about at the edges of Middle Earth. It’s path has wrought destruction and decay. 

Knocking at Middle Earth’s door, this ancient evil wants to rule, destroy and decay what was good and beautiful. 

I believe that Middle Earth is not just a fictional place. It’s real. And for most of us we have been living in Middle Earth. We just don’t know it. 

The Equator. 

It passes through 13 countries in the world. Only 13. 

Indonesia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Republic of Congo, Gabon, Brazil, Colombia, Equador, Kiribati, Maldives, Sao Tome and Principe. 

Now, there is something known as the Coriolis Effect ; It makes storms swirl clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and counter clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. 

But what about the Middle of the Earth? 

Where the Equator passes?

Experiments are done at equator points in the 13 countries I listed above. They take a bowl,  which has a hole at the bottom, put water in in. Put a stick or a leaf and then drain the water a few meters north and south of the equator to show you the Coriolis Effect.

A lot of people especially Caucasians on the net will be quick to say that’s a fake experiment, don’t beLIEve them. The Coriolis Effect only works for huge storms like moonsoons, hurricanes and tornado’s.

Yet flush your toilet wherever you are. Go flush it. Which direction does it swirl to? 

Or go to your sink. Or bathtub. Collect water then drain and observe, which direction does it swirl to? 

Back to what happens on the Equator. 

In the Middle of the  Earth. 

Water drains straight down. 

It doesn’t swirl. 

Just drains straight down. 

Middle Earth is calm, beautiful and filled with magical creatures. The colours are from one end of the spectrum to the other. The wind blows cool and rain revives centuries old life. The sun and moon dance in the sky and the stars are visible every night. 

And there is an ancient evil lurking at its borders. It wants to rule, destroy and decay. 


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