Mvua Ni Baraka 

She stood alone, away from the crowd of people,  waiting for a bus so that she could go home. 

She could see the dark rain clouds and thought how wonderful it would be if she could walk home without dust asulting her nose. 

Putting on her earphones so that she could ignore the chatter of homegoers, she noticed a rainbow directly in front of her. 

Oh wow she thought. It’s soo beautiful. The last rainbow she’d seen was last year around the same time. A shame really as its such a wondrous sight to behold. 

A bus stopped and people rushed and crowded to get on. She stood back,  not wanting to be part of the commotion. 

I’ll just wait.. She told herself. 

Then she saw a steak of light from her peripheral.

Then the thunder..  Loud enough to penetrate her music. 

She immediately looked up and smiled a big silly smile.

It was so automatic she couldn’t help it. Her teeth were showing. She tried to hide it, so that the others wouldn’t think she was crazy but she couldn’t. 

And so she continued smiling. Teeth showing. Thunder thundering and lightning letting her know when to expect Gaia’s roar.
A bus came, and stopped right there next to her. She hopped in and found the first seat empty. 

Still smiling she sat down. 

The bus ride lasted 15 minutes. 

She hopped out and found


She grinned.. She lifted her face up to the sky and let the rain pour down on her. 

Right there at her bus stop with cars slowing down because of traffic, she lifted her face high and spread her wings.. Oops I meant hands. 😃

Okay,  now people think I’m really crazy.. She thought. 

But she didn’t care. 

It was raining. It was raining. 

She crossed the road and started singing along to the song playing.. 

“All around me.. I can feel you all around me.. ” (All Around Me By FlyLeaf

It seemed so apt a song. 

All around her was rain. She was in love. 

As umbrellas went up and people went scurrying to find shelter,  she walked in the rain like the queen she was. 

She walked all the way home singing her heart out and dancing as all looked and wondered.

As all rushed, she slowed.

As all sought cover, she sought the drops. 

Oh rain. Oh glorious rain.. Come again. 

You bring new beginnings and blessings. 

You wash away the old and grow the new. 

Mvua ni Baraka –Rain is a blessing. 

✌& 💞


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