Mwili Wangu, Chaguo Langu 

Dear Women,

I will most probably never give birth to my own children.


I’m not having my own children. Period.

I will not give explanations 

Or try and make anyone understand my decision. 

What I’d like to address is why you feel the need to pray for me.

Dear women 

I do not need you to pray for me. Never ever pray for me. I didn’t ask for your prayers when I went through 7 years of binge drinking.

I didn’t ask for your prayers during my 15 + years of chronic period pain

And I sure as hell don’t need them now for my womb which you have decided is a community project.. 

“Noni must get children alert”



Back off.. 

My reasons for not wanting children are mine. 

You don’t need to pray for me. 

You don’t get to decide if I want children or not. 

You don’t get to decide if I am a woman or not just because you think having children is a MUST for women. 

You don’t get to decide how many children I will have.. 

Dear women, 
Praying for another woman’s womb is wrong. WRONG! 


A womb is not just the place where periods come out from and babies are housed for 9 months. 

A womb is sacred. Or should I say I know my womb is a sacred place.

It is the source of who I am, my creativity, my very nature of being, the essence of my feelings. 

I follow the lunar cycles to a t. I know when a full moon or new moon is around the corner,  without having to look at the app I have or the sky. 

My womb “tells” me. 

My womb has an energy signature that the universe understands, just like my heart beat, my womb pulses during menstruation. 

My womb is my special sacred place. 


Pray for you OWN WOMB. 

Never mine.. Especially not in Jesus name.

Why the need to pray for women who don’t want children? 

I find it kinda creepy that at night when you pray you’ll say something like this

“and I pray for Noni (Her womb actually)  that she may see the light and have/get children…..”

(or whatever you say) 

You don’t see nothing wrong with that? 


Women you nasty… Seriously 

Just pray for yourself. 

My mom is okay with the fact that I (Her firstborn) is not going to give her grand children…

 then you dear women…. 

Honestly have NOTHING to say or pray for.. 

Pray for YOUR womb.. 

She deserves more attention than my womb does from you.

✌ & 💞

“Mwili Wangu, Chaguo Langu means My Body My Choice ”


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