Where is the rabbit🐰?

As soon as I post this in all the necessary mediums of social media, I am going to bed, planning to wake up earlier than usual and colour in posters for the playroom at the kindergarten I’m “working” at.

I put quotes because I’m literally babysitting my generation’s children.

I don’t think it’s “work” looking after children. It’s fun. Honestly. Using the word “work” sucks out the unexpected amazing adventures you will have.

I got smacked in the face by M. He didn’t want to let go of his mother even though the previous day we had a bunch of magical moments in the sand pit.

J talks to me and me only. Well he vocalizes to me. Every one else he just shakes or nods his head. Sometimes I think he pretends that he can’t understand people on purpose.. We’ve had several deep discussions. 

And My.. My is a huge bundle of adhd energy.. (Attention Dialled into a Higher Dimension) She immediately leaps out of the bus, runs up to us and asks “Rabbit iko wapi?  (Where is the rabbit?)” 

I think she thinks we’ll kill that rabbit one day and feed it to her. 

She hates her clothes. Seriously. She doesn’t see why she needs to wear her shoes outside when she’s playing and removes her jacket like its on fire. 
And my baby D. He’s the icing on the kindergarten children cake. He’s a year and a bundle of joy. He’s learning to talk. He runs up to me and hugs my legs, smiles then picks up a ball and goes off to find someone who will play with him. Or he’ll plop himself at my feet and hand me the ball so I can play with him.
Of course there are times when one of them throws a tantrum and I’m like really? Now? We were having such a blast!

But can you ever stay mad at an adorable child? 

Fine I wake up at 5 and don’t go back to sleep. Fine I get home exhausted from running after hyper kidadults all day. But I’m happy. 

I don’t get mouthfuls of verbal abuse from people. Or play mental games with adults who, frankly are more childish than the children I spend an entire day with.

I go home physically tired, not mentally tired. 

And that, that is way better than anything in the whole world. 

To not be mentally exhausted. 
✌ and 💞


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