Twenty 16 Musings 

In the beginning the world around was shaped by the insensible logic of childlike curiosity. 
Magic and wonder filled clouds, rivers and streams of endless golden fluidity. 

Creatures large and small, dwelling in the veins of evergreen rooftops. 

Soon, you’re told that you need to live in the real world. 

That you must contain what is just imagination. 

That such things don’t exist, logic and a world governed by time is money and there is little time to do everything. 

That your life begins by moving from one room to another, from one chair to another, from one screen to another. 

That to see the outside world is a reward. That to lay on the grass is a luxury you cannot afford. 

When you are young adult logic does not make sense. You know that they are complicating things; because to lay in the grass is not a luxury. It is not an activity that needs a price tag. It should not be seen as a reward. 

It is a necessity. For to lay in the grass begins the journey of adventure. To observe the clouds and bask in the suns rays. To feel mother nature and her little critters all around you. 

I have struggled to wrap my childlike reasoning and put it aside for the “sensible logic” that governs this world. 

In all honesty I do not see why I need the validations of another. I do not see why I need to put my self through an endless cycle of room to room, box to box only to have my physical being permanently in a 6 by 6 box.  

Why do I need to look forward to “rest in peace” when I can live in peace? 

Why do I need to work hard then enjoy the “fruits of my labor” in old age? 

Isn’t my youth the time to make memories? So that in my old age when my bones have failed I have something to make me smile? 

I prefer unsensible logic than the dynamics of a world that threatens to make you old young and die forgetting. 


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