Let’s burn it down

I would wake up at 5.
Breakfast, change into the same colour clothes and then rush out for the school bus.
All this was done before 6:30.

The 1/30 hours spent in the bus was the time to catch up with friends, find out what part of the homework you didn’t understand and if you could copy it cause man if you hadn’t finished your homework you’d be beaten like a snake.

8:30 was parade time.  Or was it 8?
All I remember is that we had to stand in straight lines according to class and height.  Pledge your allegiance to country and listen to the headmistress ramble on about the days or weeks events.
If you happened to be in the naughty list you’d be called forward or told to remain behind. I would know cause every other day my name was called.

After the parade/assembly it was time to walk back to class and your uniform, hair, shoes, nails and anything exterior was checked to make sure you met the standards. If you deviated from the “norm” you were punished.
My nail biting habit came in handy I would say.

Class time. Either you pretend you don’t have your book or own up and say you didn’t do anything; if you didn’t copy.
Asking questions was met with frowns and looks that could get you killed. Or maybe you were punished. 
Bringing any knowledge that was not from the assigned books would get you detention faster than Bolt running.

Break time; a 30 minute reprieve. Eat quickly, so that you could spend the next 15 minutes playing.

Back to class.  Back to learning and memorizing.
Don’t ask a question that could get you into trouble.
Don’t look stupid,  pretend to understand; because teachers would get mad that I wouldn’t understand what they termed as a “simple” concept.
Don’t deviate from the “norm”.
Be like everyone else.

Lunch time; an hour reprieve from pretending to be like everyone else. Play,  eat, play, talk… And maybe start on homework cause you’ll have a load of it by home time.

Back to class; repeat same routine as after break.

Time for home. Oh thank God.  2 hour bus ride back home.

But it wasn’t over.
Once I got home it was shower,  eat,  watch just 30 minutes of something interesting on TV then begin the 3/4 hours of homework.
Repeat day again.

Jeez… Was I in school???

Exam time was the worst.  Before, everybody would tell me how I should do better than my previous exams, how they expected better grades.
During, I would wonder why in the world was I sitting in the classroom answering questions that didn’t look like I would need them later on in life.
The worst part was that I couldn’t explain my answers with my words. They always had to be verbatim from the book or teacher…  Was I just a photocopying human machine??


I feel for children who go to boarding school.  Especially today’s children. 

There is no creativity what so ever in the curriculum.

It was scrapped out. 

“Smart” people thought that music and arts shouldn’t be taught anymore.

Their individuality is stomped on and if they deviate from the “norm” they are punished.
If they think differently from the system they are branded with labels that damage them for the rest of their natural lives.

I would know… Being diagnosed with ADHD just because I didn’t conform to the “norm”.

As a right brained person, I can confidently say that 8-4-4 was created for left brained people.

So imagine all the right brained children and young adults that are struggling in a system that will fail them.
And is failing them.

I don’t blame them for burning down their schools. 

I don’t agree with the method.
It’s not the right way to get attention.
I do however see the cry of help.
Let’s think like logical human beings and ask:

Have they tried other ways of getting our attention?

Or were we too busy telling them what we think they should do?


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