A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?

Some would say that a name is really nothing. That its just a word and doesn’t really matter.

I tend to differ.

We are energy. When we think and talk we use energy and vibrations.

So words and names in that case carry energy and vibrations that we, whether by thought or spoken, give it.

A bitch is a female dog,  yet we constantly use the word bitch to refer to human females. 

Now I’m going to speak to my sisters.
We are not bitches,  we have never been and will never be.
You are Princesses and Queens.
Not bitches.
Refuse the labels that are meant to degrade you and tarnish how men think of you and how they will treat you.

Observe the animal that you have been associated with.  Do you want to be treated like that? 
But we are.  Unfortunately.  Because you have let the word become part of your lives.
Remove it.  It has no place in your lives.

We must also stop referring to our men as dogs. Cause they are not.
They are Kings and Princes. 
Not dogs. Never dogs.

We, both the male and female of the human species are at fault for the degrading words that are now common place.

When you refer to a person with a name the attributes of said name are imprinted on that person.
So it’s our fault that we act as bitches and dogs yet we are human.

I’m a Queen.
You are Princesses or Queens and my brothers are Prince’s or Kings.

We are royal children of earth.
Not dogs and bitches.


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