I can’t think of a title…. However

The mundane reality that is life is a spectrum of dulled white and black.
Colours ceased to exist some centuries ago as moral guidelines and ethical codes were shoved down a chute into society.

Choices become finite, limits set and yet the Divine One is infinite.

As I try and understand how this world has become cold the sun beams down and gets hotter by the hour until the midday meridian burns.

Laughter is expressed however as you get older the ability wears off until you forget how to make the sound.
All you remember are the sorrows and pitfalls turning the youthful smile upside down.

I am afraid to get children because I want to protect them yet they will enter a harsh world that will crush their dreams as soon as they can express them. How will I do my best to retain their childlike curiosity and outlook on life?


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