Can you Over-stand?

Majority of society now thinks that by showing a perceived image of themselves you can get away with being the real I behind doors.
Unfortunately we’ve taken our social media display pictures and turned them into masks, hanging in a space that others are not allowed to see.

We have gotten comfortable with airing the “evils” of others and praising our perception of good, that when you do bad you know you shall burn in hell.
Little children are made adults,  and adults… Well the older we get the younger we become.

We’ve gotten comfortable with teaching our children the horrors of nightmares as we pretend a Disney World exists in boxes buzzing with gamma waves,
wait maybe it’s delta? 
But then what do I know?

I really don’t understand how can we walk around a junkyard and expect the center most part to be beautiful?

Eh.. Think I overstand.

When did water falls become water falls down or goes up depending on clouds that no longer congregate to sing Mother Nature a victorious sweet melody?
Instead she is like a  thriller, never knowing when your heart might just jump because she thundered and shook.

Did I miss a History lesson
Maybe Mathematics?
Nah fam it must have been Geography.
Well I guess it was Science.
Where were you for Religious Studies?
You skipped every single day and Sunday…

But I was there

In the chaos I still see a light.  A new generation is born each & every single day.. 9 million, you share a thing in common.
Innocent really or just new & bright with life and love.
Our natural state.

Then again I’ve got ADHD.
It’s classified as
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
A quote I saw said
Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension
Borrowing from a friend 
Attention Selective
And I say
Why define me? 

If you’ve read this far
princess & prince’s I commend you.


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