Dear Melanin Princess

A beautiful Melanin Sister of mine woke up today.

I write this letter not just for her but for every other Melanin Princess out there.
Awake or still in the system.

Dear Sister of mine,
The system took 7 years from me, and it tried to take more when I finally awakened.
Its still trying to take from me, but this time around I am not letting it.
I have decided that I am too bright a light and I cant be the normal average that the system wants.
I will tell you the truths I have learnt since my awakening;

My dear sister, you are a Melanin Princess. You are of this Earth. You were born of this Earth and not to scare you, to this Earth you shall return.
Drop that English name and flaunt the Melanin in you.
Remove the weaves and let your curls shake free.
Reclaim your birth right once more.

You are not meant to sit still and be quiet, you are not meant to be made up and put in a glass box to be stared at and rated on a scale of 1 to 10.
You are meant to be wild and free, run in the plains and jump into rivers.
When its raining you are meant to run outside and sing and dance your hearts content. Dont be told that is not womanly. They are lying.

My dear sister, you are meant to be moody. And you are allowed to be angry and sullen. Let your tears flow like they are meant to. Scream and shout into the night sky.  We are like the moon, we come with phases. Dont be told to hide them. That its not proper. They are lying to you.

My dear sister, please do not listen to those who have unkind advice towards you and those whom you love. They are not good for you.

My dear sister, if someone asks why you are not doing certain things required of you, thank them and ask them to mind their own business. They are not good for you.

My dear sister, your body is not for sale. You are a princess, soon to be a queen. We do not show off. We are royals. Do not be fooled my sister, they are lying. You do not need validation from the system or mere boys about your beauty. You are a beautiful woman.

My dear Melanin Sister, so much of who were are is to please others.
Stop pleasing them and start pleasing yourself, your soul.
Drop what isnt yours and start living your life for you. It is not too late.

You are a Melanin Princess
Soon to be Queen
Born of this Earth
Strong and Bold
Beautiful and Delicate
A wondrous being to behold



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