I honestly don’t even know where to begin. 
Should I start with the fact that policemen brutally traumatised me or with the fact that afterwards I felt completely terrified to be in my own country?
I’ll be honest,  I completely fell apart. Loud noises scare the shit out of me. Big fat men wearing Kenyan snapbacks terrify me,  and I bet if I was to walk down any road and a Vitz stopped next to me I’d take off screaming bloody murder.

And yet I know that’s not normal. That’s not what I should be feeling. That’s not what I should go through.

I am full of life,  love and so much beautiful promise. And they, for a moment, took that away from me.

Yet, it’s a choice.

I choose to let them. I let their fucked up mentality slip in and do the worst damage.

I have the scars to prove it.


However I Now wear those scars proudly. And the same scars have led me to the path of my healing.

So in a twisted beautiful way, thank you.


Because you just helped create a beautiful woman who will terrify the shit out of you with her love and peace and joy and all the nyummy positive vibes that Allah has bestowed upon I. 

Are you ready? 
Cause I am.


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