Please,Help Me Understand

I don’t look Kenyan?  So who or what is a Kenyan? 

What is Kenyan?  An identity given to us? Or the blood that runs red in each one of us?

What is Kenyan?  The colour of my skin? Or the stories that we share?
What honestly is Kenyan? My last name?  Or the fact that I am an individual that shares a culture?

What is Kenyan? 
Who is a Kenyan?

How do you know you are looking at a Kenyan?
I ask again,  what is “Kenyan”?

How do you logically define Kenyan?  Maybe it is just simply that we were grouped and called “Kenyan”.

Is it up to us as a country to tag people “Kenyan”? Or is it up to us to rediscover “Kenyan”?

I am Kenyan…
What is a Kenyan?

The resilience
The tenacity
The commitment to see a matter through.
The will to find a way to provide for yourself and help your family along the way.

I am Kenyan…
What is Kenyan?
Standing together to fight injustices.
Helping the next person cause soon maybe your rights will be violated.

I am Kenyan…
What is Kenyan?
A diversity of a people that honestly do not care about your tribe.

A diversity of free thinkers that can change the misconception that we must ask “Are you Kenyan? ” just because you don’t “look” Kenyan.

I am Kenyan
My features might not look “Kenyan”
My accent might not sound “Kenyan”
My last name might not be “Kenyan”
I am Kenyan.

I will ask one last time… What is Kenyan?

Do not let misconceptions blur your understanding of Kenyan!


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