Right off the bat I am going to say this – forced dreams and lives are killing us.
Let me explain… And if in anyway you disagree, my friend that’s your opinion don’t force it.
It starts with how you treat your children.  How do you expect them to be adults when  you kill their childhood. They are meant to learn,  not cram information that is given to them by teachers whose entrance grades are C- or sometimes D+
And while they are being “taught” all individuality is killed as you force them to have the same mind,  as you train them that getting above 300 is all they have to LIVE FOR. That is where we start going wrong.


What happened to the creative arts? What happens to our right brained children that are so talented yet are being forced to suppress their creative child?  When will we be able to just let our children be and play instead of being inside nose up in books just because they have exams upon exams? What happened to Music and Arts being taught in the curriculum?
And parents you help this process,  honestly.  You expect your children to pass and live the dreams you wanted by forcing them to go to high schools they don’t want. Then when they choose their unis, you either force them to choose degrees they don’t want to do or knec forces them to go to unis they don’t want and you do nothing.
Don’t be shocked if you find us the youth drinking and doing drugs.  That is a cry that you respond by saying “ah where did that come from”. Read the above if you have to again. 
Our churches and government instituitions don’t help as well. They drive the fact that getting these pass marks is what our children should be aiming for. 
And after that,  once they get that degree they wasted four years for, they start working in a place that they already hate.  Then you start bugging them.  Marriage,  kids, money because you can help us. Not realizing that 1000kshs ten years ago was more than enough but not today. Having two kids means a million aside for school fees, they really can’t help you.
And maybe after they get married, and have kids they will split up and you’ll wonder yet again why.  Lol,  can you imagine how they feel.  They are angry, depressed and stressed.  Living a life that has been drummed into them. Crammed and forced into them.
Not to mention the daddy issues or mommy issues that they picked up cause you were too busy working during their childhood, or shouting at them to get better grades, not realizing that maybe that was THEIR best.
We are living a lie. And forcing our children to live the same lie. We arent meant to be the same. We need to change things and realize the more we force people the bigger the outburst.
And it goes the same for our government.  They are our parents forcing us to live a life that they deem suitable for us.  And we are just taking it because it’s been drummed into our heads.
Wake up and realize that things need to change.
Don’t let my generation fix mistakes made over a 53 year period.
Peace and blessings upon all.


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