Remember, its you first.

There is only one person that you should be in competition with.

That nonsense of matching up to peoples standards will kill you.
Yes you will die trying to live your life according to the standards of what the human population thinks is the way.

Only GOD and you should be your litmus test to your life, aspirations, goals, dreams, so forth and so on.


So here are some basic reminders
1. GOD gave you life. Yes your parents had some fun, or maybe you were an opps baby but at the end of the day GOD gave you your first breath. Say thank you and remember Him in everything you do. Also your relationship with GOD is yours alone.
2. GOD gave you everything you have including your brains. And your brains are yours. Not everyone’s. No one should tell you how to think or process information. Only GOD. You can get advice from your parents, teachers, friends, workmates but at the end of the day it is you and GOD who decide how you will think, act, react.
3. Your personality is YOURS. IF YOU ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR WHO YOU ARE: RUN! When I mean run, put boundaries to protect yourself. Trust me; trying to change yourself will kill you. Humans are faulty people, so nobody should put you down just because they cannot accept you. A little secret you should know; those who cannot accept you clearly are not meant to be in your life so don’t waste your time. It will kill you.
4. Again I must put to blog: You are not in competition with everyone, you were brought into this life for a purpose and it obviously is not the same as the next Njeri, Kamau or Njuguna. What they achieve is not what you must achieve. GOD knows what is in your future so trust HIM and live your life.
5. Stop and I really mean STOP CREATING EXPECTATIONS FOR SOMEONE. Let me tell you why; if you in your head already have expectations of said person and they do not meet them, resentment is not far off. Instead have a candid adult talk with them, laying out what you expect so that they can tell you whether or not they can deliver. Stop walking around thinking that they know. They don’t. It will kill you and them.
6. STOP THIS THING OF HIDING NEGATIVE EMOTIONS, MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS OR ANYTHING NEGATIVE. SIMPLY STOP PRETENDING YOUR PERFFECT. It will kill you. You are not perfect. Only GOD is, and you trying to hide every negative thing about yourself will only make it worse and you will give the gossipmongers a minefield of juicy stories to spread. Take back the control and dictate what people will say about you. I’m not saying go blab about your problems to everyone, but if things are not so good in your life, have the few trusted friends around you. It helps.
7. Last reminder: ENJOY LIFE!

Unfortunately you and I live in a world where another faulty human being will tell you what they want you to be, do and have.
ROTFL I did write “faulty” right?
So I (being one of the faulty human beings) am telling you how it’s supposed to be:
I accept you for who you are and what you have achieved so far.

Trying to remind Humanity of the basics


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