Dear Kenyan Leaders,

Please, take a moment to read this, take some time to internalize what I am about to tell you.
I grew up in Tanzania and I yearned to come back to Kenya…it felt like something was missing from me and I needed to get it back. People from Kenya would come and tell me how beautiful it was, how “ahead” Nairobi was…
I came back in 2006 and I was ecstatic, “I’m back HOME!” Screamed my heart.
And yet “Home” was in havoc, because come 2007/08 I saw what my Rwandan friends prayed they would never see again. I saw tribe pick up machetes and kill another tribe. I saw horrifying images on CNN and BBC, how a Kenyan killed, raped, burnt another Kenyan. Men, women and children being killed by their own kinsmen.
And why? Because you my Kenyan leaders have decided that tribal politics is the only way to get votes. You pit us Kenyans against each other for your own diabolical needs and wants.
Another thing that shocked me when I came back is how much Kenyans struggle on a day to day basis just to eat, pay rent and get from point a to b. And yet, you do nothing to protect us. When the common Kenyan needs help from the police, courts or any public office you do not help. Seriously? I quickly learnt that to get any form of help from you means I have to have a few thousand shillings in my pocket.
It took me a year and a half just to get my I.D when I turned 18…why??  Because i didn’t want to bribe anyone. And it still happens till today.
When is the common Kenyan going to feel that indeed I am being supported by my leaders? Is it after you steal land and money and think you have enough? Is it after you throw insult after insult at a particular tribe then get tired and try another tactic? Is it after you lie to us that when we vote for you, change will come then turn and pretend you don’t know what you promised? Is it after you abuse your powers of office and change laws to suit YOU and YOU ALONE? Neglecting us Kenyans?

The Kenya I want is a Kenya where we all respect each other, laws followed and justice served accordingly, where the elite are treated the same as the common man, where leaders are ACTUALLY HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, where instead of grabbing land we build towards securing a future for the generations to come. That when the budget is read and funds allocated we actually SEE where the money goes. Where there are problems politicians can come together and find solutions.

Dear Kenyan leaders, take time and reflect: its been 9 years since I’ve been back in my homeland and quite frankly the things that ailed us 9 years ago are still there and getting worse.



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