Road Carnage on Ridgeway’s Road isn’t to far off

I don’t understand how we have machines that do not have brakes in this country of ours. All these trucks and buses. That’s road carnage waiting to happen!!! 🙈😤😤

Let me take you back a bit, Ridgeway’s Road used to be a nice quiet “country” type road. You could walk in the middle guys… Then they extended it to Windsor Roundabout. Here comes the problem.

That particular route is a hill. Not a gentle sloping hill, Steeper than the hill that we used to at Pangani before they built the highway.


My problem? The trucks and buses that think that because there are cops on the by pass they can use Ridgeway’s Road as a short cut. My nigga?! You don’t have brakes and by the time these machines of death that are either carry loads of sand or stone or people reach the incline a major disaster can and will probably happen.
I love walking that hill but eish I fear for my life and for others…
Imagine walking down a hill and you see these stupid machines, three of them! PLAYING CHICKEN!! ati who can get to the top of the hill faster…
Answer: NONE OF YOU!!!!! God forbid that a car was coming down that hill and smashed into you, or all your brakes failed and you rolled back into the other cars coming up the hill.
And let me tell you Nairobians, that hill has blind spots… Coming down then it takes a left turn, well a slight one but still, its a blind spot. Those bumps that were put there don’t work and the tarmac ain’t smooth, its patchy. So you get crazy machines of death dipping and sloping all the way to the top, then continue all the way to Kiambu Road dipping and sloping on a road that wasn’t built to handle stupid crazy machines…or buses ESPECIALLY THOSE SUNBIRD BUSES!!!!❌🙈😤


Can something be done, cause I might probably get hit by one of those death things..and if it isn’t me well…
I said earlier Road Carnage on Ridgeway’s Road isn’t to far off…
Those machines of death shouldn’t use Ridgeway’s Road…use the goddamn by pass…that’s why it was built! NKT!😤


Concerned and Worried
Vanilla Musings KE™

Photos were taken by yours truly while taking a walk in what is to be a nice neighborhood without stupidity on the roads… Re-use of these photos should be credited to ME ONLY! ☺
p.s while something is being done (most probably never), can someone take a look at the back gate of Nakumatt Ridgeway’s… That’s also Road Carnage waiting to happen #JustSaying..


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