Ice cream, Hannibal and why change yourself?

saw ice cream the other day and thought hmm, how long has it been since I had a vanilla ice cream.
Then in my own weird way of thinking I realised I hadn’t ‘penned to blog’ in a while…
Sigh, I did say I’m a busy child of nature didn’t I?
So I looked for inspiration, everywhere. Even in my classes you know? Maybe take a paper I had done and write an opinion post. But nope, Nada I wasn’t getting anything. Writers block is seriously not funny.
Its like when you’re entering a building and there’s no female security and the dude wants to search you..
Dude hold up! What?! 😤 Anyway……
…I’ve been reading The Red Dragon… Hannibal Lecter is just mmm and that made me wonder….
sometimes when I’m watching C.S.I or a crime movie I wonder if I would get away with murder. Dexter is my sworn series enemy; if I start watching it I think I’d cook up ways to kill. Seriously.
Getting scared I quickly turned to Google and searched for psychopath tests… I needed to know like now!
Several websites later …. I’m not a psychopath!!! 🙌 but after seeing a list of other psychological test like Adult ADHD and Borderline Personality Disorder, which by the way I scored extremely high for Adult ADHD 😂 I decided to find out what else I got…
P.s. I’ve always known I have ADHD, just needed to clarify that I have it as an adult. 😁
The most interesting test I took was the Emotional Type test…I’m not going to tell the questions cause I want you guys to do it….lol…that’s if you want to know..
The results are “Thick Boundary , Mid range and Thin Boundary. I fall, not surprisingly, under Thin Boundary.
I react more strongly to both physical and emotional pain…that explains my Endometriosis and why my silly empathy antenna goes into overdrive when I “feel” negative emotions from myself or others. Sigh…such a sensitive child aren’t I?
But you know what, I’m quite happy with that. I’m sure that if I searched I’d find books on books or PDF’s about “becoming tougher” emotionally. Guest what biach? I’m quite happy being sensitive…I’ll just learn how to manage it.


Manage…..yeah that means getting the book in the picture but I got another million other things to do 🙈
Why do we try and change ourselves…because I’m sensitive I should become tougher? I won’t last long in demanding jobs or blow at people
Managing and understanding, especially the understanding part is key when it comes to our inner selves. We as human beings are made to feel, our largest sensory organ is our skin so telling me to change is bullcrap.
Learning more about yourself, making sure you do the things that make you happy and managing the down side of your emotional self is a pretty good recipe for life, don’t you think?
Take the test, or tests…I would recommend the “What is your Emotional Type?” and “Emotional IQ” test…

Overly sensitive and loving it

To learn more about Endometriosis please visit…/con-20013968

And to take the “What is your emotional type?” Psych test and others visit

Please not that the test results are not final and you must visit a certified psychiatrist for a final diagnosis.


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  1. Lisa · August 6, 2015

    Love it!
    I will take the test

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