“You are such an opinionated girl.”

That statement sounds so bad. It sounds like I disrespected someone right?

Opinion <according to the Oxford dictionary> is what you think about something.

So in that case, having an “opinion” is not as bad as that statement seems to suggest.

Thing is, African culture has always decided that a girls place is at home. She should be taught to clean, cook and care for the household. Traditionally a woman was never asked for her “opinion” the men decided what to do when, where and how.

It shocks me that in this day and age, when education is beaten into you that an “educated” person would tell me that. Why should the fact that I have opinions be a bad thing? Why did you allow us women to go to school then university?

In my head I shoot arrows at them and roll my eyes.

If my Higher Power gave me the brains, eyes, ears and mouth to do so then why should I stomp on what was wonderfully made and remain silent?

I will continue being “opinionated”. I love the fact that I have the ability and capability to see something and voice my “opinion” and I will do so till I die.

So to end this “opinion” blog I say “keep on” to those who have heard the statement directed at them. It’s a GOOD thing to be “opinionated”; it shows that your brain actually works and that you can think.

Yours truly

A Proud Opinionated Lady


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