Inspired by the #natureisspeaking campaign by

Conservation International

You cannot ignore the basic fact that we need Earth to survive.

That we get our food from the soil and the heavens open up to give us life in form of water.

That the mountains provide shelter from vicious winds and that trees block terrible sun rays from burning our asses. Yes our asses.

For those of you who are reading from my hometown Nairobi Kenya, the last two weeks have been hot hell on earth. The sun burned at a cool 31 degrees Celsius. And that is not the norm for Nairobi.

The British loved Kenyan weather because it was similar to their own weather. There was always a constant cold in Nairobi and its environs. We had forests that covered most of the country.

Until someone discovered that “Real Estate” will make more money.

We all know that plants take in carbon dioxide during the day and release carbon dioxide at night. Have we ever really thought why some Higher Power, or Mother Nature to be exact created her babies to do that.

Mother Nature controls the Earth’s atmosphere with the use of Greenhouse Gases. These gases are

  1. In a controlled quantity.
  2. Trap sufficient heat in the Earth’s atmosphere determined BY Mother Nature.
  3. When increased, the temperatures soar, when decreased then temperatures go freezing.

Human beings have decided that they are smarter than Mother Nature and increased the gases.

We should be clever enough to know that a stupid move like that will increase the rate of heat in our atmosphere and radically change our temperatures. Not just locally, but globally as well.

Plants help the Greenhouse effect by providing oxygen during the day and taking the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and at night it gives out the necessary CO2 for Mother Nature to continue her everlasting process.

Hence the reason why forests are called “Carbon Sinks”; they literally absorb the CO2 in the atmosphere.

By cutting down our forests, we are not only getting rid of our food, we are also getting rid of our shelter. When Earth gets too hot, quite honestly we are sitting roasted kebabs. It gets too cold, we are frozen ice popsicles.

Yes humans have survived such extreme conditions.

But for how long?

At some point in time, we all die. And then restart the process again.

Nature has always evolved.

If I am living in a desert like place that should be a wet and cold tropical area, how long will my descendants have before the whole of Africa is a freaking desert?

How will those huge gated communities help us then?

I’m all for progression, however can we work together, in harmony for heaven’s sake with Mother Nature. She will kill us eventually.

Build the houses and factories and whatever else you feel like building. But let Mother Nature be your inspiration.

We need all the materials to survive from her, so why not take advantage of her and utilize her instead of killing her.

It is like telling your mother you do not need her anymore.

Yes I went there.

Yours truly

An avid tree-hugger


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